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At Fly Finity Travels , we provide customized tour packages to all who land in this country to have traditional and typical Arabic experience. Our specialty lies in arranging private and individual tours with as much élan as organizing short and long stays for small parties, intimate groups, couples and large gatherings. Dubai is a window to the modern world as much as it is a land of classic treasures and exotic locations tucked away in the sandy dunes waiting to be explored by appreciative eyes.

At Fly Finity Travels , we ensure that people visiting this land of Sindbad would return with an unforgettable experience. We have diverse tourist packages to suit the needs of all visitors and all these packages are exclusivity-based. As a responsible tour and travel company we keep the safety concerns of all the people visiting the country via us uppermost in our mind as such each and every tour we chart out for our patrons is planned with microscopic walk through.

Fun is another aspect which we believe to be the right of all those who visit this second largest Emirate of UAE. We strive that our customers get the best feel of the mixture of traditional and urban Arabic world and for this, we have a host of packages which are designed to feed to the spirit of funaholics. The entire has no place for a single dull and dreary moment right from the time you put your first step on the Persian gulf till the time you fly back.

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